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Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Fun Visit from Family

Ava and Brookie are here and in honor of their visit we ordered a great dose of snow. It was beautiful. Yesterday morning, there were humongous snowflakes falling. It was really great. I had a conference in Hermitage and it was really well attended considering the weather.

Abbey attempted to take some pictures of the snow actually falling, but they really didn't come out so well. You will just have to enjoy the pictures that she took from inside our house.

Ava and Brookie got here yesterday afternoon and we went to Hendersonville. We went to HomeGoods to look for Ava and Brookie a rug for their living room. They found one that they liked, but it was on hold by someone else. I tried negotiating with the clerks, but they would have none of it. We did not get to get the rug.

We then went to Genghis Grill and Target. After leaving Target, we went by Starbucks. By that time the snow was starting to stick to the ground again and so we headed home. We watched "Million Dollar Baby," which we had on Netflix, but it was no the most "uplifting" movie we have ever watched.

Here's a picture of Brookie's boots.
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