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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Adoption Update

There is really not a lot to report, however, we have been receiving a lot of emails from the agency over the past few days. We received one today asking for a copy of our passports. They preferred color, so being the "on top of things" expectant parents, I immediately went to the scanner and scanned them, then printed them, then emailed a copy to the agency, then mailed the printed copies. That should cover it, right?

We also received an email confirmation from the caseworker to let us know that we are indeed officially on the list. However, we were told that just because we are high up on the list, that does not guarantee that we will receive a referral in the order that we are in the list. There are a variety of "for instances." The one that our worker chose to use was that one birthmom had specifically requested a Christian home. I am sure that she was just sending an example of a "for instance" but I quickly emailed her to let her know that we are a Christian home.
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