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Saturday, February 24, 2007

a DIFFERENT kind of night

Well, we had dinner with the Sprinkles again tonight. Today was "Abbey Day," which means that after Handbell Festival (I am getting a little better, I think), we stayed in Mount Juliet and explored the shopping options at the Providence Shopping Center. First, we hit Target. We decided that we were going to buy Abbey some clothes, so I loaded down the cart with things I thought she might like and then she tried everything on.

She found a few items that she liked so we bought them. I did not get anything from Target. Then we headed over to Old Navy where it seems there was a plethora of clothing items just waiting to be purchased. Almost everything that Abbey tried on worked perfectly, so we bought them too.

Then we headed to Rack Room to buy some shoes. I got a couple of pairs and so did Abbey. They had a really great sale.

From there we went to Belk, because Abbey needed eye make-up and it's Clinique bonus time. Finally, after spending a whole Volvo's (see previous post) worth of money, we headed to visit with the Sprinkles. We went to eat at the WORST McAllister's in all of the world (Gallatin, TN) and then headed to Panera for a little dessert and coffee. That's where everything became different.

Abbey opened everything up by sharing with the Sprinkles that there may have been a time in my life when I wore Pajama pants to class. If said actions did occur, it was while I was wearing a pair of blue and green plaid polo pants. Said pants, may happen to be the thread-bare ones that are pictured in this blog. It might also be noted that pants were not so widely spread at the time, as it seems marriage has really worked to cure my inability to gain weight.

It also came about through conversation that Abbey had WARNED her parents before I met them, that I was, how to do you say it, "Different." Now, what is that supposed mean? Am I different or just misunderstood?
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