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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Carpet Phenom

The results are continuing to come in. We are still not sure what the outcome will be, despite the Goodlettsville Delegation's assertion this contest has been rigged. (Well, it was rigged, but now Abbey is telling me that her decision is not as solid). Some have requested additional information, we might get around to doing that sometime this weekend.

Some interesting things that we have gleaned from the contest so far are that if you are 40 or over, you generally choose choice B and if you are in the 25-35 range, you generally choose choice A. That's interesting isn't it. Should I mention that this carpet has a 25 year warranty. Supposedly, if there is ever a stain that will not come out in the carpet, they will replace it, for 25 years! That's a rather great warranty, don't you think. It's got me thinking we might be living here for a while.

I wanted to give you a hint of what we are going to be posting on the blog tomorrow with the above picture. It's an X-ray of sorts, it's the first picture of our nephew or niece.
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