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Monday, February 05, 2007

Sick Computer

Our laptop is sick and had to go to the doctor. The power supply is not connecting correctly. Abbey and I have been discussing for several weeks now that we needed to get another computer, because it seems that we are both using them more often now and it's hard for two people to use one laptop at the same time.

Since the computer is going to be in the hospital for several weeks, we are going to go ahead and get the new one. We are going to get a Macbook. I am not sure if Abbey is completely excited about getting a Mac, but I am sure once she uses it for a little while, she will love it.

I am especially excited about getting a Mac, because that is was I use at work and they are so much easier to work than PCs! This is also our 300th post to LandLife and ironically it's about a computer!
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