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Friday, February 23, 2007

Baby, Volvo, and Lots of Laughs

First of all, it is my sincere pleasure to introduce to you, my nephew or neice, Peanut. His or her name will probably not be Peanut (especially since Bobby told me the names last night, but I don't know if he wants them published), but right now, he or she looks a lot like a peanut, so that is what we will call him or her for now.

I don't really like it when people call baby's It, so I am going to try to refrain from using it when refering to Peanut, whom I plan to teach to act EXACTLY like my little brother did growing up. Good luck Alyson.

A few days ago, I heard about a great deal on what seemed to be a good car. Acting in my normal implusive way, I aggreed to purchase the car for a small amount sight-unseen. The car was a 1990 Volvo, and boy you would not believe the harrassment I got last night about it from my loving, caring wife and our dear friends the Sprinkles.

They were relentless, especially when they found out that I didn't actually buy it because the person who was letting me have this "great deal" called to tell me that the radiator was busted. Now, you may be wondering what I was planning on doing with a car that we don't need? I was thinking of some friends who might could use it and we could give it to. So, I did have other people in mind, however, they are just going to have to wait.

Once all of the drama was over about the car, Abbey made me promise never to purchase a car like that again without asking her. Does that mean that I can never surprise her with a new car in the garage for her birthday?

Last night we had dinner at our favorite restaurant with some of our favorite people, the Sprinkles. The meal at Demo's was great, and the company was wonderful. We laughed until we cried. It was a lot of fun. It's good to have good friends, isn't it?
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