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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dear Reed

Dear Reed,

As the days pass by, we become more and more excited about your arrival to our home. It's amazing that we don't even know if you are born yet, but we do know that we love you.

In the past few weeks, we have been very busy getting things ready for the adoption agency. It's been a long and crazy process for us, but in reality, it's not been nearly as long as many people's process. Thankfully, we had Lisa work very hard to complete your homestudy.

Each time we got any information from the agency that is helping us to get you that needed to be changed, Lisa was very quick to mail it back to them. You have so much stuff in your bedroom. I really hope that you like elephants.

There is a song called, "Somewhere, Out There," that I have thought of a lot since we have begun this process. I know you are out there somewhere. I hope you know there has not been a day pass since we first decided that you would be our son that we have not prayed for you, that we have not talked about you, and that we have not loved you.


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