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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

At The Car Wash

I went to the car wash today after work. The van was dirty and we had to get it clean. I really like going to the car wash, because it is a lot of fun to watch the cars go through the soap and suds. The van pulled onto the track and the little doohickies popped up and started pulling the van through. A really nice mercedes convertible followed behind the van. A man walked in and stood in the hallway beside me watching the cars move through.

I thought that the man looked familiar, but Abbey says that I think that everybody looks familiar. I continued to watch the car go through and the man watched his go through. He eventually went on, when I heard someone say, "Hey Toby." That's when it hit me, the man was Toby Keith.

When I got out to where they clean the windows, Toby was talking to some producer guy and they were really getting into the conversation. I have complained about not seeing anyone famous in Nashville, but I am starting to believe that I am just not quick enough to recognize them.
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