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Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Trips

For those of you who don't know, my parents live in Jackson and Abbey's parents live in Memphis. This means that WE get to travel on Christmas. Until we have a baby, that is. We want to make sure that our children open up their Christmas presents at their own house, so we will have to figure out a new travel schedule at that point. Until then, it's pack up the car and head south with a touch of west, then north, then east back home. Abbey and I have developed a great plan for travel. First, she talks and I listen. Then when she is done talking, it is time for her nap. After Abbey naps, it is usually time for a little refreshment. What is better refreshment than Chick-fil-a sweet tea. I always get a large, Abbey usually gets a medium.
After a few sips, it is time for my nap. My, oh my, can I take a nap or what? I tell Abbey she can wake me up when I start snoring, but I think she just turns the radio up.

When I wake up, we usually stop for a meal or something and I take the wheel again. That's what we did on the way to Jackson.

This afternoon, as we traveled to Memphis, we followed the same scenario. I was not thinking though, and didn't grab a shot of Abbey. Just imagine her in the picture below, but cover up with a pea coat and have a KING SIZE pillow (still in the packaging) laid across her.

I, of course, enjoyed my nap immensely! See, what happens when you work together! Everyone gets a nap!

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