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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Chickfila Cares and Gilmore Girls Bonanza

You'll remember that Abbey and I have ended our tradition of going to CFA on Tuesday nights. In the interest of making sure customers of the great northeast Nashville metroplez have great customer service, I sent an email to corporate CFA. Corporate CFA then sent my message to our local one.
I received a phone call from the owner of CFA last week who apologized profusely and promised to take care of the situation and send us a little something in the mail. He sent us two free sandwich coupons. I am sure that we will use them as soon as posisble.
We had set up a goal list for things that we wanted to accomplish this weekend. We made the list and have been adding to it ever since. Today, we check off 3 things off the list. We have a few things to do tomorrow and then we will have some time on Monday to accomplish things. In between checking the goals off our list and a slightly longer than normal nap, we have been watching our Christmas present from Ava. The fifth season of Gilmore Girls. We are on the fourth disc now.

One of our goals was TARGET, I know, I know, that's not a hard one for us to reach, but we did finally make it tonight. We had a couple of giftcards that were burning holes in our wallets. We got some cool stuff though and a few things for the baby.
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