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Sunday, December 17, 2006


This will come as quite a surprise to most of you LandLife followers our there, but Abbey and I have made a little pre-New Year's Resolution. We have decided that it is time that we stop going to Chick-fil-A every Tuesday night.

We have come to this decision for a variety of reasons:

1. We spend more money driving over there than we save.
2. We have a really nice house and we rarely see the inside of it while we are not sleeping. We need to spend more time home.
3. A trip to Chick-fil-A was rarely followed by a quiet evening at home, but nearly always with a trip to Target. A trip to Target in which we spent 6 times what we saved at Chick-fil-A.
4. The service at Chick-fil-A in Goodlettsville has been TERRIBLE lately. So bad, in fact, that I have been meaning to write a letter. It's been really bad.
5. I bought $200.00 worth of "Super Supper" certificates the other day and we are going to need to eat at home more!
6. We need to put less miles on our cars.
7. It decreases the chances that Abbey will get a ticket in Greenbrier.
8. We are absolutely sure that there is some reality TV show that we are missing on Tuesday nights.

So friends, we have made this announcement, while Church Bulletin Tuesday has been a great, great asset to our family, have chosen to end this tradition. You can stop by our house on Tuesday nights now and see us.

Upcoming posts this week ... Abbey spends time with Walt of Walt's World fame, Jeff and Abbey go to Springfield Theater, and Jeff costars in "A Star too Far."
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