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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Elephant

Whenever I am traveling through Mississippi by way of Memphis, I am always sure to stop at my favorite shop, "Talk of the Town." They sell my favorite pottery, Peter's Pottery. When my grandmother died, Abbey and I bought a piece of pottery that we decided we would use to remember her with. I thought it would be fitting for me to purchase a piece of pottery to help me remember my friend Jay. I bought a small elephant and we have named him Jay. Why an elephant, you may be wondering? Well, we have chosen our nursery bedding and it has elephants on it, so we are going to put Jay in the baby's room. Jay was never able to have children, but he loved people of all ages. We think he will be a great addition to the nursery.
So, we have this piece of pottery and the memory of an incredible human being who taught everyone who knew him to sieze the day and live to the fullest, loving people all of way.
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