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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dear Reed

Dear Reed,

Today we had our individual interviews at Bethany for the homestudy. They went really well, we think. We took a picture with Lisa, our caseworker. She is new and she is so excited about helping us get you. She has been working hard to get everything just right, so that the adoption agency in Taiwan will want to get you to us as soon as possible. Reed, we love you so much and we cannot wait until we can get to hug you.

For Christmas, your grandparents Enna and Grandtra got you all of your bedding. We think that you will like it a lot. Aunt Ava got you a cute bib that says "My Aunt Loves Me." Your not even here and you are already getting gifts. That's good! You mom and I have been working really hard to get your bedroom ready. We don't have your bed yet, but since Lisa is coming next week to look at our house, we have some more important things to do.

We need to childproof the cabinets and we have to get some fire extinguishers. I hope that you like elephants because you are going to have a lot in your room.

I love you and I pray for you all the time.

love, daddy
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