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Monday, December 18, 2006

Abbey's Time with Walt

The Sprinkles were so excited, for they were going to have Walt all to themselves this past weekend. Unfortunately, Mrs. Sprinkles' sister-in-law passed away, and so Josh, Ginger, Walt and Evie headed towards good ole Nashvegas. While the weekend wasn't exactly what had been planned, I do believe everyone got to enjoy a little Walty. Everyone, but me, that is!
Seeing the opportunity to get to babysit, because all local relatives would be at the funeral, Abbey volunteered to keep Mr. Walt. I am questioning if she hadn't slipped Walt a little toddy right before she took this one. He looks a little, off-center doesn't he?
Abbey and Walt played for a little while, then Abbey read him a book. Soon, he was off to nap. I was utterly disappointed that I did not get to see him, and I wonder if it is not on purpose. It seems that each opportunity that Abbey has to keep Walt, I am not available. Is this an evil plan by the Sprinkles, or just coincidence?

If you're not familiar with Walty, you need to check out the link to Walt's World on the right.
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