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Sunday, December 24, 2006

My LITTLE Brother

My little brother Bobby is one of those people who gets offended easily. On a recent trip home to Mississippi, he informed me that he and Alyson's feelings were hurt because they were never on the blog. Well, not wanting to hurt my younger (SPOILED) brother's feelings, I have taken the pictures and am dedicating this blog to him. Although, I have explained to him that there are two VERY convenient ways to get to Nashville, either take 55 to 40 or 20 to 65 and you are set. Visitors ALWAYS find themselves on our blog, and if you didn't know it, EVERYONE is welcome at our house. We have two extra bedrooms and a comfy couch. If we run out of space, we've even got a pretty comfortable air mattress and a really nice Hampton Inn. "I'm cool, I know it."

"Bring it on. I've got my police uniform on." "Jeff, you can't get shot if the gun doesn't have a bullet in it."

"Has anyone seen my bullet?"
We all know who the better looking one in this picture is...the one on the RIGHT!
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