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Sunday, December 24, 2006

My family Christmas

We had our family Christmas on Saturday at Bobby and Alyson's house. Yes, I've been there ... lots of times, and how many times have they been to our house? None, yeah, that's right. I'm not bitter.
Anyway, they have a really nice house, so it was great to get to have Christmas there. Papa came and my BIG brother Trae was there too. He was with his new fiance` Amy.

We played dirty Santa with giftcards this year for the first time. I think that it went really well, except for some people really didn't understand the game too much. It was fun though and in the end, we all got something that we could use.

This morning, we woke up and got Christmas presents from my parents. Abbey got several nice things such as a Paula Deen cookbook, pepper grinder, McCarty bunny, and a Vera Bradley lunchbox. I got three sweaters, a nail and screw organizer, and we both got pillows to go on our new bed. The real winner was Reed though, who got every bit of his bedding for the nursery! That's awesome!

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