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Thursday, December 28, 2006

SOME Assembly Required

We got a bed for Christmas from the IL's. We've been so excited about putting it up, so as soon as we got home yesterday, I went to work at unpacking the gillion wood pieces. When I got finished unpacking the boxes, there was something missing, the instructions and hardware. I called the store and they said that they had a set of hardware there and I could come back to Goodlettsville to get it!
This is not a happy face as I drove back to the store that should have given me the right stuff in the first place!
Once the hardware was where it needed to be, the assembly went fairly well.
The bed is complete and all of the gillion pieces were used, except for a few small screws, but trust me, this bed is SOLID! Everything would be fine if the furniture store had done its job and gotten our mattress that we bought in August ordered! They called last night at 7:00 to tell us it wouldn't be here until next week! So, we will be sleeping in the guest room until then!
I know, Ava, we couldn't believe it either!
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