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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Springfield Movie Theater

"So, what are we going to do tonight?" Jeff asked in a loving way.

"I don't know, I was thinking of eating supper and just spending some time at home," Abbey responded.

"HOME! OH NO, NOT HOME!" Jeff thought to himself, as he realized that he might have to actually stay at the place he pays so much each month to have.

"I thought we might go eat at 'The Depot' and then go to the movie theater. Springfield has 'Charlotte's Web' showing and I've been wanting to go see that," Jeff quickly rebounded after gaining his breath over being scared about possibly having to stay home for an evening.

"That sounds good," Abbey quiped, "I want to ask you, and I don't mean this ugly, but do you ever want to just stay home?"

"Well, um, well, not, well, I don't mind staying home, it's just that I wanted to go see this movie and I have never been to Springfield theater," Jeff fumbled.

... and thus, the couple headed towards the eatery where they dined and then jaunted over to the theater.

As they entered the theater, they realized that it had raised its prices. Jeff had always heard about the $1.00 theater, and then they heard about the $10.00 date night combo. During the summer, the prices were raised to $2.00 and the $10.00 combo became the $15.00 combo, however, they were stunned to see that tickets were $4.00 a piece and the $15.00 combo was only a memory that stuck to the floor of the theater with everything else.

They went and got a seat, and despite the fact that they had recently gorged themselves at supper, they had to get popcorn because it is rumored to be the best available. Unable to pass up a good deal, Jeff springs for the all you can eat Large popcorn and large coke. At the end of the movie, they discovered that the small would have probably done, because they didn't really eat that much.

When asked, did you enjoy the theater, by Springfield Theater enthusiasts later, Jeff responded, "It's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be." I guess they were never exposed to the Kosciusko Theater back home that had the permanent spot in the middle of the screen from where someone threw a coke and hit it.

The movie was cute and yes, a good time was had by all.
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