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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Weekend with Friends

Nobody told me it was a no sunglasses picture! It turned out great anyway. Some nice lady took the picture for us.
We ate supper at a Texas favorite, Johnny Carinos. I don't think they have them in Tennessee, do they? It was really great. Our waitress took the picture. We love B and J because they are the type of friends that we just get to "pick up where we left off." It's not a struggle to be friends with them, because we get along so well. They were a blessing to us in Seminary and still are.
We certainly haven't forgotten our blessing in Tennessee, the Sprinkle! Whenever we're out and see a house that reminds Mr. Sprinkles of his home state Viriginia (although some would add a West before the word), he calls attention to it. This one reminds me of Virginia, but I have never been there!
Jaime and I were children's ministry classmates, so we have a lot in common. While we were at our favorite spot, Starbucks (try the Maple Macchiato! Yum!), I had a little fun when the Barista asked us our names. Blanton and Abbey were not as willing to be daring. Jaime's name was Latisha and my name was Jerome. When we were in Seminary B, J, A, and I would hang out for hours at the 'bucks. Posted by Picasa
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