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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Weekend with Friends

Mr. Hollywood, Blanton, is our great friend. I met him my first semester in Seminary. I also met his wife, Jaime, in the same class. I knew them before they were them! It's been fun to see them become a couple, get married, and now serve together.
You're always at home in a town with a McAllister's. Abbey and Jaime had the privelege of riding in the back seat of the convertible. We've definitely gotten our money's worth out of this car.
B and J live in Wichita Falls and we set out to find the falls. We were a little disheartened to see that we would have to walk 43 miles to get there. Oh no, wait, there was a dot before the 43, it's really only a half a mile.
Apparently, people in Wichita Falls are much like many others I have seen who don't have a problem destroying God's creation! UGH! Posted by Picasa
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