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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Abbey's Adventure in Memorable Mississippi

Normally I don't use third person, but I couldn't resist the alliteration in the title. What a whirlwind weekend I've experienced! I began the weekend with a trip to the self-proclaimed Catfish Capital of the World, Belzoni, Mississippi. Along with my family, I went to an engagement celebration for Ava and Brookie. One of the most interesting parts of the trip included the discovery of life-sized catfish located in the city. They are everywhere, and I might add, very scary! I begged Brookie and Ava to pose with one...

One can't visit the Jackson area without stopping at Fernando's and sampling the best tacos in the world! Jeff introduced me to this delicacy when we were dating.

It was a great time to visit and catch up with my favorite sister, who is knee-deep in very meaningful wedding plans!

And now for the debut...I got to visit one of my favorite people, Emily, and her 7-month old little boy Caden. Not only is he debuting on our blog, he is also wearing for the very first time overalls! Isn't he cute? He also needs your prayers as he needs his little heart to grow strong and he needs to stay well.

Saturday was spent preparing food for Ava's shower. No shower would be complete without brownie bites, graham cracker cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, cream cheese tarts, and almond bars.

Ava's shower went very well, and everyone seemed to love the monogrammed strawberries I made. If only I could find a way to make a career out of cooking, wouldn't that be fun?
(Imagine a picture of monogrammed strawberries here - blogger is being cranky!)

Overall, besides the fact Jeff didn't attend, the weekend was a great time getting to know my future bil and hanging out with my family.
Below is a pitcutre of Mom and Brookie having a heart-to-heart at Ava's apartment.
(Again, imagine a picture of Mom and Brookie; maybe one day blogger will cooperate!)
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