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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Getting Ready

We're getting excited! This Friday, I get to go to Texas to the National Preschool and Children's Convention. Abbey is going to come on Saturday. We saved $200.00 by her flying in on Saturday morning, instead of coming in with me on Friday. We thought it was worth it, so I am just going to stay with friends on Friday night.

When I pick Abbey up from the airport, we are going to head directly from there to Wichita Falls, Texas. There we will see our very dear friends, Blanton and Jaime. It has been almost a year since the last time we have seen them. They were some of our very closest friends in seminary and we miss them a ton. While we are there we are also going to see our other good friends, like the Von Helms, Foshea's, and Kennemur's. We're also planning on going by the old homestead (trailerstead).

Monday through Thursday I will be busy helping with the convention. I am going to be teaching most of the day on Tuesday, but during the other times, I'll be helping with the booths, etc. Abbey is going to be able to chill out in the hotel room and do whatever she wants. Thankfully, she is on Fall Break next week, so she is able to go with me.

Abbey's Addition to the Original Post:
As I'm sure you already know, you will experience a BBB over the next week. Do not be alarmed, the brief break in blogging will not last forever, and you will get a full report of our trip as soon as humanly possible.
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