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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Anitbiotical Man and The Amazing Dessertista

While the Amazing Dessertista was out of town showing off all of her beautiful dessert creations to all of her fans in the Magnolia State, the Antibiotical Man was left to make decisions for himself. When it comes to things other than his specialty areas, he usually depends on A to help him make decisions. Sometimes, he gets into trouble. Like he did the other night when he chose the wrong thing to eat.

The wrong thing soon became apparent when Antibiotical Man had to spend lots of time with his arch-nemesis the Porcelain Throne Room. After spending more time than he cares to remember with the PTR, his strength zapped, Amazing Dessertista came to his rescue.

A. went to her day job as an unassuming schoolteacher, while Antibiotical Man lingered in his own weakness in bed. She called during her break to see if she could come to AM's rescue and she got him an appointment with the powerful Dr. Raydar. Dr. R prescribed a lovely concoction of anti-nausea and antibiotics to get AM back to his normal self. (But...wait, that's not all, she also took some of AM's blood for further testing --AM almost passed out --remember his other nemesis -- his own blood!) EGADS!

After another day of just a few crackers, ginger ale, and popsicles, AM started to feel better and asked for soup. That's when Sprinkle Boy and Sprinkle Girl came to the rescue bringing some strength juice from Demosinos!

Dr. R called the Dessertista back to tell her that she had underestimated the evil efforts of the Porcelain Throne Room and she was taking a different approach. She prescribed a powerful medication and that made Antibiotical Man feel a little better.

AM, once again, against the better judgement of Dessertista went to work this morning, but came home beat down like superman with kryptonite. He does, however, feel like eating something with a little more substance.

He vows, "One day, evil Porcelain Throne Room, I will conquer YOU!!!"
Note: Please don't call my doctor and tell her to prescribe antipsychotics. I really am in my right mind, it's just, how much TV can a guy watch?!?!?! The desserts above were brought to you by the Amazing Dessertista. Please call for pricing for your next event. The Mexican plate below is to show Sprinkle Boy that there must be some Mexican food beside that place in G-ville that's appealing! Posted by Picasa
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