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Friday, October 20, 2006

OH.... The Irony

A few weeks ago, I was driving home, minding my own business when out of no where, blue lights come on. I looked down at the speedometer and I was speeding. I completely deserved the ticket.

Last night we were on our way home from Goodlettsville when we got onto Old Greenbrier Pike. We were in separate cars. I started going about 46-47 in a 40 or 45 (who would know in Greenbrier as the speed limit changes every 15 feet). Anyway, My lovely wife was trailing behind me. I looked over and saw a cop, but really didn't think anything about it. Then Abbey passed the cop and all of a sudden blue lights. He was coming after her?

Now, I am not saying that Abbey is old or anything, but she drives SLOW! There is no way she should have gotten a ticket when I didn't. Especially on Old Greenbrier Pike, because there is a house on the road that I am almost sure leaves food in the front yard for deer (which I know is stupid and dangerous, but there are ALWAYS deer on that road). Because there are deer always out there, Abbey drives EXTREMELY slow on that road, but somehow, she was going 44 in a 40 and got a ticket! Now that's just not right.

On the website E-Podunk, I found the following crime statistics for Greenbrier:
"Crime: The number of violent crimes recorded by the FBI in 2003 was 34. The number of murders and homicides was 1. The violent crime rate was 6 per 1,000 people."

Now, I realize that these stats are a few years old, but I don't really think that the crime rate has risen that much. Funny how, over the past few weeks, every time I drive through Greenbrier, there is someone pulled over. I believe that Greenbrier has gotten like Coopertown and is just pulling everybody over.
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