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Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Wonderful Writers

An update from Writer's Conference. We had a blast. Abbey and I were both completely exhausted. It was so tiring, but so awesome.I have the absolute best team of writers. They were full of creative ideas and are geared up to write curriculum for preteens.

From left to right:
Pam from Miami, FL
Beth from Brandon, Mississippi
Mary from Brentwood, TN
Joanna from Jackson, TN
Cindy from Ft. Worth, TX
GG from Joplin, MO
Mark from Raytown, MO

They did a phenomenal job thinking and creating. They are a loving and creative crew. I am very blessed to have them writing for LifeWay.

In other news, Abbey and I joined Springfield Baptist Church today. Everyone there was really excited to have us join them. The pastor is a MC Alumni! Posted by Picasa
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