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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ready to Doe!

One of our favorite little girl's says "Ready to doe" when she gets ready to leave. So, tonight Abbey and I are getting ready to doe. We have got to pack, but right now, I am blogging. I helped straighten up the kitchen with Abbey and now we are finishing off an episode of "Gilmore Girls" before heading upstairs. Once upstairs, we will finish up a little laundry and pick out our clothes for Texas.
Before we could be done with the kitchen Abbey had to load the dishwasher.

I started doing some "travelocity" investigating today and found out that a convertible was about $3.00 more a day on the weekends, so we will be traveling in a convertible this weekend! That's going to be fun. It's always neat to do something out of the ordinary, don't you think? Posted by Picasa
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