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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some More Pictures from the Costume Party

Here's a rundown of the events from last night:

1. Eating supper. We had several desserts, including "kitty litter", graveyard concoction, fruit with pumpkin dip, and pizza.

2. Mummy Making Contest. Each couple got two rolls of toilet paper and one of us had to become a mummy. I wrapped and Abbey was the mummy.

3. Chubby Bunny. We had to put as many marshmellows in our mouths as we could hold and still be able to say: "Chubby Bunny." Grace was the winner.

4. Pumpkin Carving Contest. Each couple carved their own pumpkins. We had a flower/vase pumpkin, Tennessee pumpkin, Vote Pedro, Happy Pumpkin, Shrekish pumpkin, and revolving pumpkin. Matt and Grace's "Shrek" won.

5. Lip Sync Contest. We formed two teams, couples were divided. Abbey's group lip synced "Dancing Queen," and our group did "Circle of Life." We totally won, although Jonathon was certainly a dancing "queen."

6. Costume Contest. The redneck Tennessee Fans won, hands-down. Posted by Picasa
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