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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Costume Party

We had a blast tonight with our new friends from our small group at church. Abbey and I went at Mr. and Mrs. George Bush (senior). I am not so sure how good of a George I was, but Abbey was an excellent Barbara. It was probably one of the most fun parties I have ever been too. Brandon and Tamara were excellent hosts. Jimmy and Malene were excellent at helping plan some of the games.
Grandma meets the president's wife. Grace (our Minister of Music's wife) came as grandma. She was hilarious!
We had a pumpkin carving contest. Since Abbey and I had used all of our creative abilities up this week at Writers Conference, we only came up with "Vote Pedro". It turned out to be a cute pumpkin though.
Here's a picture of our fabulous new friends from Springfield Baptist, allow me to introduce you.
Grandma - Grace
Hawaiian Guy - Matt (Minister of Music)
Raggedy Ann - Tamara
Napoleon - Brandon
Pumpkn - Erin
Hobbit - Drew
Michael Jackson - Jimmy
Elf - Malene
Redneck Tennessee Fan Man - Jonathon
Redneck Tennessee Fan Woman - Jillian
The Bushes - Us

It was so much fun! God has blessed us so abundantly with this great new group of friends. Posted by Picasa
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