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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Samstag der Spaß mit Freunden (Saturday Fun with Friends)

This morning I woke up well before nature intended people to wake up on Saturday morning. Since Abbey is not home I didn't sleep well, so it really wasn't that bad. The Sprinkles arrived at 7:30 and we went to Larry's for breakfast. It was very good.

Then we went to the soccer fields in Ashland City to see some of our favorite little people play ball. It was great to see several of the kids from church. They were all playing their hearts out.

After the soccer fields, we drove to the Joelton Car Show where we saw more people from church that I have not seen in a while. I was actually pretty impressed by the car show. There were lots of contestants. It amazed me that some people considered their cars special, as they were neither old or new, just clean. If that were all it took I could enter my Jeep everyday. Okay, so if clean was the requirement, my car would NEVER be entered.

After the car show, we went to Oktoberfest in Germantown. It brought out some very interesting people, including this couple. I did not take this picture, ironically, I found it when I googled "Oktoberfest." Apparently they are there every year.

I came home and worked on the laundry and took a long nap. Then tonight, I went over to the Hampton's house for a weiner and marshmellow roast. I got to see several more friends and their children, so that was excellent.

Now I am all snuggled into bed and the last of the laundry is in the wash.
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