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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday already?

Around Landlife, we are in disbelief that my week off is coming to an end at a rapid pace. Tomorrow is Sunday School, Big Church, Children's Choir Meeting, Children's Choir Rehearsal, and Hanging of the Green, so tomorrow is pretty much gone.

Reed was super sweet today! Abbey woke up and went to the grocery store this morning while Reed and I got ready for the day! When Abbey got home, Reed and I brought in the groceries while Abbey put them away. Then, we head to G'ville to go to Target, Hobby Lobby, and Home Depot.

We got almost everything we needed including $60 worth of energy efficient light bulbs. (The ceiling fans in our house have "intermediate" sized lightbulbs which are MUCH more expensive (and harder to find) than normal bulbs!)

When we got home, it was time for Reed and I to take our nap. Abbey worked on some of her writing.

Tonight we had soup and then chilled out in the family room. Reed was full of happiness today and that didn't stop at bedtime!

He laughed and played and wouldn't give it up! Finally, I had to call for reinforcements and get Abbey to help.
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