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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Reed woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! He was so happy!

Reed had a bit of a troubled day at Mother's Day Out.

Troubled, meaning he got in trouble! It seems Prince Charms-A-Lot thinks that he can use that cute little grin to make it okay to throw his food!

Abbey told Miss Natasha that it was okay for her to take away his food or make him sit in the corner. We were not happy to hear that he had misbehaved. I am sure that Abbey was embarrassed when she found out, because I know that I was!

Tonight, Britty came over for a little while since the mamas had to go to a dinner for the the finale` of their Bible study.

After BB got done with his class at the Y, us guys went to O'Charley's for some grub. The boys were good, and since I had spoken sternly to Reed when I got home from work about the "food throwing" he was well-behaved.

We talked to Poppy, Enna, and Bobby on the phone tonight. Then Reed had a bath. Reed loves his bathtime! He especially loves bubbles, a concept that Lola introduced.

He went to sleep fairly quickly because he had played pretty hard today. He has a stuffy nose, so hopefully that won't bother him too much.

Abbey made three loaves of sour-dough bread today, so our house smells yummy! I know that Abbey already mentioned it, but we are SOO THRILLED for our "bloggy buddies" Sarah and Kevin, they got their final ruling for their BEAUTIFUL daughter Hannah Claire today! Pray that they will be traveling very soon! We are so excited for them.

I leave you tonight with something that I find quite mean! Well, actually, it is a real eye opener. Abbey videoed me snoring last night. The only problem is, she says I was only "mildly" snoring last night. I am going to the sleep clinic in a couple of weeks, so hopefully, we will learn something then!

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