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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Roll With It

Is there anything cuter in the entire world than that beautiful little face above?

Tonight, Abbey made Beef Stroganoff. It was a little tough. Okay, so it was beef jerky, but it wasn't Abbey's fault. Something went wrong!

I was eating (chewing) on mine and Abbey had given up fairly quickly. Reed sucked the sauce off the noodles, but wasn't interested in eating any.

I was not ABOUT to say anything about her cooking, but since Abbey declared the meal a loss, I suggested that we visit Sonic. They have 5 for 5.95 on Tuesdays, but we learned tonight that they give you half-off if you only buy a couple of burgers.

I have gotten several of these "survey" coupons from Sonic where you can get a free Route 44 for calling in. So, we got free drinks. We ordered Reed a Jr. Burger, so our total was only 4.23! You should have seen Reed eating his burger, IT WAS SO CUTE!

But, what could make this cute little one so upset?

Of course, Mama wouldn't give him any Cheetos!

The CVS haul this week!

In case you haven't seen it, we're in ParentLife this month. If your church doesn't give out this magazine, you can purchase a copy at your local LifeWay Christian Store. Make sure you get the November 2008 copy. Our story is on page 34.
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