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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Lots of pictures tonight. Not a lot of dialogue.

He is so cute!

Silly boy!

Confused Cowboy!

The horse tail is really cute!

Uncle Bill carved a pumpkin and Reed helped!

It turned out really cute!

Reed enjoyed pizza as we gave candy to children.

Reed likes riding on his rocky horse that I bought him at a garage sale recently.

He does not like the horsey's gallop noise.

I can't believe the horse holds up me!

Tonight we had a Costume Party at Brandon and Tamara's.

We went as the four seasons. Abbey was winter, Candace was Spring, Bill was Summer, and I was Fall.

Cowboy and Indian.

Danny and Megan came as Bananas in Pajamas.

There's Spring or Miss Candace!

Best Friends, Summer and Fall.

Winter and Fall.

Auntie Meghan and the cowboy.

Ellen and Portia.

Chubby Bunny.

Really chubby bunny.

Ava (a sweet little girl at the party) gave Reed a big hug!
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