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Monday, November 24, 2008

Diagnosis: Tantrums

Saturday, Reed woke up from his nap in a terrible mood. He was pitching the worst fit he has ever had!

Unfortunately, the fits just kept coming! He was throwing tantrums over every little thing.

He continued to throw tantrums and we continued wonder what had happened to our high-energy, but normally happy child.

Maybe it was an ear infection??? Yes, that was it, surely!

So, I called the Peds first thing this morning and got an appointment for us at 1:00.

We all fell asleep around 11:00 and Abbey just happened to wake up at 10 til 1:00!

We quickly put ourselves together and headed to the doctor to get some medicine for the presumed ear infection.

We saw the new pediatrician and she was very thorough. She looked at his ears, throat, and nose. ALL CLEAR!

Hmmm ... "So," she says, "I think maybe you have a case of early onset terrible twos."

This was the same point that Abbey and I started crying! Well, we thought about crying, but really we were glad he was okay.

We were not thrilled to find out that we had reached this dreaded stage.

The Peds recommended that we not give into his tantrums. She said that we had to let him cry it out or divert his attention.

We decided to have lunch at McD's since we slept through our normal lunch time.

Then we came home and I put on my Clark Griswold hat and went to lighting up our house.

We had a meeting at church tonight, but I was thrilled to see on the way home that on the main road near our house that you could see our home shining liking a beacon in our 'hood.

I guess you know how to pray for us right now at Landlife! Pray that our uber-independent son will make it through the terrible two's quickly!

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