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Monday, December 01, 2008


Sorry about the lack of post last night. I didn't think that we had pictures, but Abbey had taken them.

Reed has been totally cute over the past couple of days. He has been talking NONSTOP!!! He talks constantly.

Yesterday, he was really cute for church in his American flag sweater.

He took a good nap and then it was off to church again for Hanging of the Green. Thankfully, Miss Betty offered to come in early to keep Reed while we prepared for the performance.

Reed is getting so much better at hugging. He is still not as good at hugging humans as he is inanimate objects, but he is getting better.

He has been practicing his dancing a lot more lately.

Okay, here's a funny story.

As much as we tried to avoid exposing Reed to any animated puppets or cartoons, Reed has succumbed to a true undeniable love for Elmo. The other day, we were at Chick-fil-a and the "balloon artist" was there. I thought Reed would hyperventilate before the man got over there to make Reed an Elmo balloon.

Anyway, the other day I made the mistake of pulling up the Sesame Street Web site to find some Elmo videos. That now means that every time he sees the computer, he wants to see Elmo.

He has a toy aquarium by his bed that runs on batteries. Reed likes to play with it, but the batteries are currently dead. Abbey told him that the batteries were dead and he now points to the aquarium and says "dead."

Tonight when we were watching Elmo, the video that was on was Elmo falling asleep to Andrew Bocelli singing a lullaby to him. As the video progressed, Elmo closed his eyes and went to sleep. I made the mistake of saying "It looks like Elmo died." The next thing we know, Reed's lip was quivering and his eyes were watering! It was the saddest sight! I cannot believe that he could put those two things together!

We found another video to show Reed that Elmo was in fact still singing and dancing.

Reed's new dance move includes him putting both hands behind his head and shaking his hips!

Of course, he thought he was hilarious.

He then had to hug his monkey which he calls "Hee, hee, hee."

Then the monkey hugged him.

This is a picture of Reed screaming "Elmo" at the top of his lungs!
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