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Saturday, November 08, 2008

BUSY day!

We woke up rip-roaring and ready to work today!!! Last night, we put up 5 Christmas trees, so that was a pretty good bit of work for the weekend already. We didn't get them decorated.

Today, Uncle Bubba and I pulled all of the bushes in the picture above out of the yard. WE HATE THEM and have been planning on getting rid of them since we moved in this house a year ago next week.

We also wanted to pull up these two cedar trees that block the steps to our porch.

We were able to pull the first few out ourselves, but we needed Reed's help on the next ones.

He is so strong, he was able to do it with one hand.

He was unimpressed by my efforts.

I got a lot of flack about Reed's camo outfit from Abbey and Tamara.

Okay, so the pants were too small, but it is Saturday!

In case you didn't figure it out already, Reed wasn't able to pull the bushes out by himself. We really used Tamara's 4 x 4.

Reed loves Britty!

Uncle Bill pulled the blazer himself.

Uhhh ... I thought I was digging the ground, but it was the concrete.

Sorry, I forgot to get a "finished" picture of the yard. We're going to be replacing the toothpick columns soon too.

Tonight, Uncle Bubba and I went to the Vandy vs Florida beating. Not a good game!
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