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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Return of the Red Sneaks

Reed had a busy day with his Mama today.

Of course, they had to hit Gymboree for the start of Gymbucks. I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard that he got his Hlloween costume. So, I guess that means there won't be a vote this year.

The fam also got ot eat lunch with Nana Sprinkles, so that was an extra special treat!

After I got home from work, we went to church for supper and choir practice. Supper was really good tonight!

And now, we finally get to the title. Reed got to wear his red sneaks that Aunt Bitsy gave him today. Abbey wasn't sure about me pairing them with his striped khaki's and green polo, but I told Abbey that it was supposed to be more of a modern look. What do you think?

I couldn't get him still long enough to get a good picture of the complete outfit.

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