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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Our Little Smily Boy

Reed was in a very happy mood this afternoon once his mommy and daddy were finally in the same room together. I had to mow the yard after work and Reed was not thrilled with the idea of me not being inside with them.

We've noticed Reed's desire that we be in the same room for quite sometime. He seems most content when we are together. We don't even have to be playing with him, but he seems to notice when one of us is out of the picture.

A funny for the day is something that Reed said. In the past few days we've been working on teaching Reed to say "Jesus." He actually is doing a really great job. Tonight, after I said the blessing for supper, I asked Reed if he could say "God." He quickly responded, "Daddy." Now, I know that he was not refering to "God" as his "Heavenly Daddy," but it was kind of neat don't you think.

He was extremely sleepy tonight, so he went to bed early. I was not really in opposition to this because I have been eager all day to watch the VP debates.

Tomorrow Reed and I are going to eat supper with Uncle Bubba and his parents. Today is his birthday. Abbey would go, but tomorrow is her stamping night and they are going to work on Christmas things.

In case your wondering, the answer is yes! We still wonder why God saw fit to bless us so abundantly with such an amazing son! We are so blessed!

We leave you tonight with perhaps the greatest video we have of Reed yet. Feel free to play it over and over.

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