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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Absent Blog

Sorry I have been absent from the blog world over the past couple of days! I believe that we have told you how busy our month was going to be!

Sunday, I had to sing in an ensemble for both services, so Abbey and Reed came to church with me. Abbey and Reed left to go get us our Hardee's biscuits and then I slipped out of the first service after we sang to eat breakfast with the family.

Reed enjoyed getting to dance around in my Sunday School classroom.

Reed and I were exhausted Sunday after church. We took a nap while Abbey rested upstairs by watching LifeTime (bleck!). She left a little before 4:00 to go to her Bible Study. At 4:30, we woke up! I was supposed to be at children's choir at 5:00 and I had to stop at CVS to buy Reed some diapers!

We barely made it in time, but we made it!

Last night, Abbey had to go to the start of her VBS conference, so Bill and I drove to meet Lola in Jackson, so that they could keep Reed for a couple of days.

Reed ate a lot of Cheetos on the way to Jackson!

Apparently, Reed slept all night long last night and woke up to say, "Bill, Cheetos!"

And now for a video to hear Reed saying "Cheetos" Listen closely!

Bonus: I got another video to upload:

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