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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Today's Happenings

Reed and Lola woke up and had a busy morning. They played and then they got ready to come to visit us during our lunch break.

Reed was moving really quickly, so Lola ended up getting a lot of pictures of Reed's backside!

Reed was really quiet when he visited us. He is normally pretty talkative, but today, he wasn't at all!

When they got home, they went for a walk and enjoyed looking at the leaves.

Reed, of course, had a fun time playing with his "bajoos."

He was thrilled to see me walk through the door. I think that both my group and Abbey's group got a lot of planning done today.

I have two prayer requests:

1. One of my coworkers' granddaughters is in ICU. She is 18 days old and has a heart condition and viral infection. Her name is Chloe.
2. One of my writers had a great nephew pass away today. He was 2 years old. He died from E.coli. Now, his older brother, who is 4, is in ICU, also with E.Coli. I cannot imagine what the parents are feeling.
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