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Monday, October 06, 2008

Above and Beyond

Tonight's post is dedicated to a few people who go above and beyond. While there are many, I am going to focus on the four that are most pressing on my mind right now.

We went to Chick-fil-a tonight for supper because we had to go to Target for me to get a few things for Writers Conference. Tonight was family night, and so we were able to see the balloon animal man. Reed was absolutely squealing trying to get him to come and create an animal for him. The balloon man, however, was treating another family to balloons and taking his time with each of them. All of a sudden, Violet, a CFA employee emerged with a helium balloon that she had blown up just for Reed! She said that she hadn't heard him trying to get a balloon from the balloon man, she just thought he would want one so she blew up one for him!

Next, there was the man at the carwash. I have a favorite carwash. It is on the way home and it is one of those where you drive into the wash and the machine pulls your car through. It was late, probably close to closing time, and the man stopped the machine once we were on the track. He sprayed our van with soap and then took the power washer out and sprayed off the front of the van from the bugs we got from Gulf Shores! He took probably 5-10 minutes working on making sure we got an awesome wash.
He definitely didn't have to do that.

Jessica is my graphic designer at work. I LOVE MY TEAM, so naturally, I could write kudos about each and every one of them, but Jessica has an incredible work ethic. She almost always gets every product to me well before our publishing deadlines. This week, she has even designed decorations for our Writers Conference and didn't have too.

Another team member, Andrea, is the production editor for our products. She is consistently doing more than she has too! She helps me make copies, she will sharpen pencils, she works hard to meet deadlines. She is an amazing worker!

I know that I told you that I was going to name 4 people, but I am really going to name 5.

Abbey is the 5th. She is the best mom in the world and she loves to help me in anyway possible. She is a servant-hearted person who love to give back in anyway that she can. In fact, yesterday, she sang a solo in church which was way out of her comfort-zone, but she did an incredible job and her testimony meant so much to many people.

I am so blessed to have her as my wife. She is truly one of the best gifts that God has ever chosen to give me.

I think that Reed agrees.

I've laid low on the CVSing posts lately, but I have still been going. I am having a pretty good week of CVSing. Maybe next week I will post my actual purchases.
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