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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Some Answers to Questions????

Q: Why haven't you posted in 2 days?

A: Friday night, Reed and I got in a 9:00 from Uncle Bills. We went directly to sleep. Abbey didn't get home until 12:30 AM! Last night, I couldn't get PICASA to work.

Q: What is Picasa?

A: Picasa is the program that I save all of our photos too. We have a google account that I paid 19.95 for and it has 11 GB of space. We have 435 albums and have used 3.3 GB, so I think we're alright for a while.

Q: Is the MacBook better?

A: Yes, the Macbook is better. It has a new harddrive with more memory than the other one had. The other harddrive was completely dead!

Q: What did we learn from this experience?

A: Save everything! We can't find our copy of Microsoft for Macs, and we really need it!!! Also, thankfully, I had recently backed up many of our pictures to CD.

Q: What are Gymbucks? (from anonymous)

A: At certain times during the year, you can spend $50.00 at Gymboree and get $25.00 Gymbucks. Then when you redeem them, you spend $50.00 and use the $25.00 and get everything for basically half-price. Abbey just informed me that you can get up to $2000.00 in Gymbucks. Can I tell you that there will be trouble at LandLife is a certain mommy ever gets ANYWHERE NEAR that many Gymbucks???

Q: How many end of the quarter ECBs did you get for Summer? (from Sarah)

A: I got $3.00 which equals $150.00 in spending. If you take out the $100.00 dollars in Giftcards that I had for my b-day and for transferring prescriptions, it was about $50.00.

Q: How much have you saved YTD at CVS?

A: My receipt today shows $4078.00, but I did 6 more transactions after church, so it's really higher than that!

Q: Do we have a busy October?

A: Y-E-S! Writers Conference for Sunday School this week, LifeWay Kids Conference in Orlando next week, VBS Writers Conference the next week, and TeamKid Writers Conference the next week. Thankfully, I am only heavily involved in the first two. The last two are logistical as Abbey will be out for them.

Q: Why would you put a snake on your blog?

A: Abbey, Reed, Britton, Tamara, and Auntie Meghan saw this the other day while they were walking in the park! I HATE SNAKES!

Q: When are you adopting your little girl?

A: We are currently working with our church to hopefully set up an account that people could donate too and receive a donation letter in order to write off from their taxes. We will then send a letter to friends and family asking them to help by donating money. If we have 39 family and friends agree to donate $500.00, that will be the $19000.00 that we need. Some will probably give more and some less. We're just praying and believing that God will provide. This is a new step for us, as we haven't ever done any fundraising. God will provide! We believe it. Both Abbey and I taught a lesson on provision this morning in Sunday School, and then we sang about it in church. Join us in praying for his provision for this need.
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