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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That Crazy Boy

Reed is completely addicted to balloons. I think that I should start a label for every time that I talk about Reed's addiction to balloons. Tonight we went to Nashville to see Abbey for supper and we were at a stoplight and Reed started saying, "Bajoo!" "Bajoos!" We couldn't figure out what he was seeing until I saw that a good bit ahead of us in the Nissan dealership there were balloons! He is so observant.

Abbey and Miss Candace took our Sunday School kids to see High School Musical III this past Sunday after church. I think that the crew had a great time.

Reed was very happy to see his Mama tonight! I think that they were both missing each other.

He was also flirting with the lady who was taking our order at Otters!

He thought she was really nice!

Lola has been a huge help this month since we have been so busy with Conferences!
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