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Friday, October 24, 2008


Reed sported his Titans windsuit today in hopes of cheering on his favorite pro-team. Hopefully, Monday night they will continue their undefeated season against the Colts.

I have decided to move away from the "play-by-play" of the today's activities in my post tonight and want to talk about something that I have been thinking about.

As an adoptive parent, you often hear the question, "Why did his birth family give him up?" We answer the question, by correcting the thinking of the questioner to "His birth family CHOSE to let him be our son in order to give him the life they felt he deserved." Reed was not given up. He was chosen.

But, my line of thought has changed a bit in the past couple of days. I have thought about this before, but tonight, as I lay next to Reed while he was falling asleep, I couldn't help but think about who was really chosen in this situation.

It was us. While we wouldn't wish infertility or the pain of miscarriage on anyone, we know that for us, it was part of the process God was using to show us that He had chosen us for a very special blessing.

We were chosen to adopt. I can't describe how honored we are that God felt we were good enough to adopt. I remember thinking that I hoped that I would love our adopted child enough, etc. Now, I think, is it possible to love our son too much?

Reed is such an incredible little boy. A blessing to us that we had no idea would be so great.

So, we've been chosen several times. Mostly, God chose to give His Son for you and me to have eternal salvation if we choose to accept it. We were chosen to endure infertility and miscarriage that we might minister to others facing similar situations. We were chosen to be parents, a task which we prayed to receive, ironically though, we never dreamed we would be so blessed as to be chosen to become parents through adoption.

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