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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Tons of Pics tonight, so not a lot of narration from me. Enjoy the pics.

Reed was introduced to Cheetos by Uncle Bill. Reed now has a new favorite word, "Cheeeetoooes!"

We started off our adventure in Downtown Disney for supper. We bought some Mickey shaped ornaments for the Christmas tree (they are all painted like different sports balls) and supper at Rainforest Cafe`.

Jane, our wonderful friend from College and Seminary, lives in FL, so she came to stay a couple of days with us.

Not only was this Reed's first visit to Disney, it was my first visit as well! We were both pretty impressed!

Tea cups, a Disney staple. They are a lot smaller on the inside than you would think.

The plan: spin fast, make Bill too sick to ride anything else, let him keep Reed while we ride the rides.

Dumbo: another staple.

Reed is the little guy beside me, if you couldn't tell.

On the "Winnie the Pooh" ride. Mesmerized.

Tomorrowland train. I know I'm getting old, because this was my favorite. Fast enough for a good breeze and no twists and turns.

We decided to head to "toon town" for Reed to be able to ride some rides. The above is what we found when we got there. Reed fell asleep somehow.

Bill, Sleepy, and I went to Philharmagic, while Abbey and Jane rode the "Buzz Lightyear" ride.

It's a Small World: staple.

Amazed at It's a Small World.

Still Amazed.

still amazed.

Taiwan, we think!

On the train with Uncle Bill, while Abbey, Jane, and I did Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain.

My guess is there is a ball that he is pointing at.

Getting excited about the lights parade.

Both of our favorite things about our trip to Disney! The LIGHTS PARADE!

Watching the Fireworks!

Time to go, a Mickey football from Jane and a Mickey plush from Uncle Bill. What a great time!

Some stats:

We arrived at 10:00 to the park.
Entered around 11:00
Reed took a little over an hour nap.
We left the park around 10:00.

1 Major meltdown in the line for Dumbo, but that was about it.

Reed is the best kid ever!

Thanks for being a part of our fun, Jane and Uncle Bill!
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