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Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Update!

Reed was thrilled to have Lola come and spend the week with him while we were in our meetings. Our Writers Conference went really well.

Lola went home last night, so Uncle Bill kept Reed until I was done with my meeting. Reed always has fun when he is with his Uncle Bill.

Reed and I got to batch it last night. It was the first time that I have had him by myself for the entire night. Thankfully we survived pretty well. I did let Reed sleep with me.

Reed is a cuddler, so he wanted to be right next to me. The only problem is that he HATES cover and I love cover up to my chins (unfortunately, that's not a typo)! I would pull the covers up and he would kick them off.

Miss Candace told me today that I could have put Reed on top of the cover. Miss Leah got to our house first thing this morning and she and Reed had a blast while we finished up our conference. I think they must have had a really great time, because Reed cried when she left.
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