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Monday, January 29, 2007

We're Home!

I got home last night around 10:00, and Abbey got in around 11:30. I was really glad to see her, finally! Our weekends went well, I think. The planning meeting for camp this summer was really great. We went to the camp that we will be staying at. It is called Sabine Creek Ranch. It is really nice and almost completely new.
I stayed in the Courtyard Marriott, where they were, well, let's just say, not really with it. I have commented before on my dislike of "nicer" hotels, so I will not go on a tangent here. I will mention the fact that breakfast was not continental, it was $20.00. I didn't eat it. So, if I was staying in such a nice hotel room, why was the alarm clock older than I am? I didn't even know that kind of alarm clock still existed.
I thought I had done so well packing. Then, as I was getting ready for church, I realized why I always wanted Abbey to pack for me. I forgot to pack a belt, so I had to go the whole day without a belt. It nearly drove me bonkers.
The church where I was speaking was pretty well off. This is the entry to their new building. You have to park in the underground parking garage to get in, then you walk down the concourse to the santuary and down the other concourse to the great hall. I might be showing my "countryness", but I have never heard of a concourse in a church. Only at an airport.

Now, we're home and Abbey has done an incredible job getting the laundry done today. She's amazing! She didn't go to school because she had some tests run this morning.
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