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Monday, January 15, 2007

Time with the Girls

Abbey got an unanticipated surprise today. She got to keep Carah and Cate while Michelle went to the grocery store. I know that Abbey enjoyed it, I hope that the girls did as much as Abbey did. First, they got to eat lunch on the living room floor.
I think that this was the only time that Cate's mouth was closed the whole time that she was here. In the few minutes that I was here while they were, she talked the whole time. She has definitely expanded her vocabulary.
I'm not quite sure what Carah is thinking in this photo, but it must have been really interesting. Now, here's where the girls took over the camera.
This would be called, "Ode to Feet". It was taken by Cate. The feet in the picture are Carah's.
Isn't she happy?
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