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Monday, January 15, 2007

How Sweet It Is!

Well, I am finally home after a long day of flying and sitting in airports yesterday. We had a little scare on Saturday that the weather might not cooperate. We decided to head into to Albequerque and stay near the hotel. However, when we woke up, the weather was very nice.

We flew into Atlanta with no problem. Well, I slept the whole way, so hopefully the people who were near me were not too bothered by the drool and hopefully there was no snoring. Once in Atlanta, we had a two hour layover that turned into a 3.5 hour layover because the flight crew wasn't there. I guess it was necessary to wait on them as I have never flown a plane before.

After retrieving my car, it was a wet drive home and finally, finally, I got to see my wife. It was so nice to just get to hug her. We snuggled up and watched a little TV together before we went to bed, as I was EXHAUSTED!

So, I am home, for 2 whole days before leaving again for Ridgecrest to do it all over again! This time, I am returning on Saturday night and we are driving!

On the adoption front, there is very little to report. I called on Thursday and the placement agency said that they were conducting the final review of the homestudy. I am hoping that we will hear something this week. Once that is complete we should be next in line for a referral. There was only one baby boy referral this month, so maybe there will be lots next month!
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