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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Trip Down Old Car Memory Lane

We purchased the van last night and it got me thinking about all of the cars I have had in my life, so I thought I would let you all in on a few.

Here are the cars that I have had since getting my driver's license.

1. 1984 Ford EXP. It was silver and had a sunroof. It was a two-seater with a hatchback. Paid $600.00. The EXP was the Probe's predecessor.

2. 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire Wagon. It was a gas guzzler and I got it from my cousin Punk (I think she had a real name, but we always called her Punk). I drove the wagon my 11th grade year to MSMS in Columbus. It was a gas guzzler, but had PLENTY of room. It also had flip-up lights and cruise control.
3. 1993 Ford Ranger. It was a bright green color. It was my dad's and then I started driving it until my freshmen year of college when I bought an Explorer. Bobby wrecked the Ranger on Christmas eve that year.

4. 1992 Ford Explorer XLT. This looks almost exactly like my Explorer which I bought for $6000 with 96,000 miles on it. It broke down on the first night I bought it. The dealership fixed it, but I was not happy! I drove it for 90,000 more miles, so I guess in the end I got a good deal. By the time the transmission was completely blown in it, I had had it painted blue because someone keyed it while I was at work.
5. 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. This was Abbey's car and when the explorer exploded, she got the Camry and I started driving her car. It was white and was really nice. The next car was a bad decision, but we learn from our mistakes huh?

6. 1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer. The fanciest car I have ever owned. I traded the Grand Prix in and got this one. It was a V8, AWD gas-guzzler. Didn't have it long before we decided to go to seminary, so I sold it to the Fryant's and got their old car.

7. 1996 Ford Taurus. It had 120,000 miles on it when I got it. I drove it for the first year that we were in Texas. It had 160,000 miles on it when it began to experience some trouble. I took it in to the mechanic and apparently this model is known for rusting from the inside out. He told me the car was held together by rust caused from the radiator. We opted not to spend the thousands took fix it and get the truck.
8. 1999 Chevy S-10. This was a brown truck and it was great. It was a 5-speed and despite a few attempts to teach Abbey to drive it, I was completely unsuccessful. It got great gas mileage and I drove it when we moved to Tennessee.
9. 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I love my Jeep. We bought the Jeep from the IL's and they got the S-10. For the first time in a long time, I don't have a car payment and that makes the Jeep even more appealing. I hope it will last another 100,000 miles!

You can see that there have been more than several cars in my driving history. If I feel ambitious I might give you a highlight of Abbey's cars. She's had several-few too! Pictures of the baby mobile to arrive soon!
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